CHATBOT FUNNELS PRESENTS: 30 Lessons + 30 Days of Support
"New Video Training Reveals Over
30 Consulting Lessons on Chatbot Strategy, Technology and Content"
Attention Corporate Directors, Managers or Newbie Chatbot Builders...
Do you want to learn how chatbots can benefit your organization?

Are you doing research on the best practices, methods or technologies to fit your needs?

Would you like strategic consulting to give you a time and money-saving advantage?

This training is for you!

I produced this to provide a crash course on the most important lessons on chatbots and conversational marketing.

This isn't a theory. 

It's not based on blogs or videos but hands-on experimenting, failing and eventually succeeding.
This lesson contains over two years' results of experimenting with:

✓ 15 different technology platforms
✓ 8 different industry verticals and
✓ numerous chatbots funnels that assist with 
✓ customer support, 
✓ marketing funnels
✓ lead generation and 
✓ sales. 
We've traveled from New York to L.A and spoken face-to-face with hundreds of businesses and marketers on chatbots. 

We have seen first-hand the slow adoption of chatbots from being completely unknown, to now being a serious asset for business automation.

Our network and clientele is international giving us a wide perspective from many angles.

All of this experience and insight is yours in the video!
Exactly what you're getting
This is dramatically different from anything you've ever found about chatbots because it's more of a "field guide" to strategic consulting for objective success than a traditional "training."
The reason why is that there's no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

At just 60 minutes of pure content, you can finish it in an hour.
✓ Strategy
✓ Technology
✓ Content & Copy
"I didn't want to create a training with lessons that you could find searching Google, Youtube or a Facebook Group"
We all know how to do a Google search and find technical answers. 

Most chatbot and marketing specialists are in a few Facebook groups. And yes, Facebook groups can offer a lot of information and support. However, we all know that their goal is to get you as a customer. 

Buy their course. 
Sign up for their mastermind. 
Become a premium member of their team if you want to get the really valuable stuff. 

Basic memberships are mainly about list building and then nurturing you into a premium membership. 

We all know how this works. 

What I am offering is different.
This program is not about tactics
This course is an open book of my best lessons
Yes, I will share with you specific software to avoid and the reasons why. 

This program is software agnostic, but we will talk about the most popular chatbot platform out there. 

When should you use Chatfuel? 

When should you use Intercom or LiveChat or Drift? 

When should you use Dialogflow or is ManyChat the best option?

Every application you use or integrate makes your bot smarter, but also more complicated. 

Do you have a developer on-board to help you or no? 

What are the main questions you need to know before signing up for your first bot builder program? 

Do you need LiveChat, or do you need something that does not use Facebook Messenger? 

Are you clear about where your traffic is coming from and does the quantity justify your reasoning for building a chatbot? 
Time is of the essence!
The beauty of conversational and messenger marketing is that there is a lot of room to grow.

This new way of communicating is not a trend. Not a fad. 

Conversational marketing will be the standard way of email service providers and websites.

Those who strike early will have an unfair advantage.

The rules are not yet set in stone. 

Competitors are not yet fully adopting chatbots. 

Compliance and best practices are things we are still inventing. 

Do you want to be of the group that creates the standards that everyone follows? 

Or will you be fighting for the scraps left over from early adopters and first movers? 
Here's What to Do Next
Get the unfair advantage and become a first mover in conversational and chatbot marketing. 

Sign up right now to purchase my consultative training.
+ You Get 30 Days of Support
I know you might have questions. 

Therefore, for a limited time, I am offering 30 days of q&a and weekly support.

This will happen via a special access email or a Zoom link to our team. 
+ Lifetime Access
When you purchase today, you not only get 30 days of support you will also be grandfathered in for future updates!

As major changes happen in chatbots and conversational marketing, I will add ongoing updates a few times per year!

Those who buy the training now will also get those updates as they come in. 

This will NOT always be available so you order now if you are interested in taking advantage. 
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